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Are you currently accepting new guests? Do you have a waitlist? 

Yes, with limited availability. Helix +Hue can only accommodate new guest when there is a cancellation of an existing guest appointment.

I no longer have a new guest waitlist. Connect with me on social media for updates and availability. 


Do you offer color services? 

I am currently only offering color services for gray coverage by means of root touch up and gloss treatments to refresh faded color. Color services will resume in 2022 but the waitlist is currently at capacity. I do not offer color services to new guests at this time.



How should I prepare for my appointment? 

Hair should be clean, detangled and completely dry in it's natural state. Avoid styling with heavy butters, raw oils and/or excessively greasy products. Do not arrive with any hairstyles that may alter your natural texture such as twist out, finger coils, buns, ponytails, headbands etc. This allows me to see where each curls lives and to provide the best haircut. Fees may apply if hair is not properly prepared.


Does a curly cut look good straight? Do you work with transitioning hair? 

A curly cut is best for those who wear their hair in it's natural state 80-90% of the time. It is not guaranteed that the curly cut will translate the same when straighten. 

I work with transitioning hair as long as it can be worn in a "wash and go" and you are not going to continue straightening your hair. If not, I am happy to recommend another stylist to help you reach your hair goals.

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